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The TI-15 Explorer TM  calculator is far more powerful than any other of its type on the market and has far greater capacity to engage students in their learning of mathematics.

Teachers using this calculator have the opportunity to expand the teaching possibilities in their classroom, greatly assisting students' learning, understanding and improved conceptual understanding. This would lead to increased confidence and performance in eg. NAPLAN testing.

The software is standalone and an outstanding teaching tool, and students donít need the calculator (although it will help), similar to other programs staff could be demonstrating and interacting with the students.



Interactive Software and Teacher Resource Package for the TI 15 Explorer Calculator

The package is designed to assist teachers/parents and students to use the calculator.
It provides many additional functions to maximise the potential of the calculator to enhance the understanding of mathematical concepts. This will result in greater confidence and improved results in the classroom.

The Interactive Software and Teacher Resource Package for the TI 15 Explorer Calculator

bullet emulates* the TI-15 Calculator
bullet provides help functions and explanation tools to assist the understanding and use of the calculator
bullet generates mathematical worksheets to assist mathematical understanding and maximise the power of this exceptional junior calculator
bullet includes additional software with interactive teacher demonstrations and student activities and worksheets
bullet costs $ 199 for the site license, first year and $ 99 per year following (including all upgrades).
bullet (All prices within Australia add 10% GST)

Download Trial Version (30 day limited trial)


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